Build Your Own Solar Panels Out of Used Building Materials

solar panelIt’s common knowledge that generating electricity with solar and wind is a green living move but did you know we can take it one step further by using green building materials to build our own solar panels?

Generally speaking, building materials are considered green when they are not detrimental to the environment or people. Green products can be recycled materials, which put waste to good use, eliminating the need to dispose of them in landfills. Using recycled materials also eliminates the need for energy and resources to make the same product again. By combining the effort to produce electricity for your family’s needs with finding productive uses for used-but-useful materials, we can take going green to a whole new level.

Generating electricity using the sun and wind is no longer the mystery it once was. Entrepreneurs are now explaining in plain English how solar and wind energy work to power electrical appliances. They go a step further by explaining how to build solar panels and wind generators, giving us a lot of latitude in the types of materials we use to create these power producers.

For example, the face of the solar panels can be tempered glass, Plexiglas® or a number of other clear products. Local glass outlets often carry used tempered glass. Used patio doors, for instance, come in a variety of dimensions. Any of these sizes can accommodate the 36 solar cells need to generate the necessary 17 to 19 volts.

As an added bonus to recycling perfectly good glass, these used tempered glass sheets, which can start at about $25, cost far less than buying new tempered glass, which generally runs over $10 a square foot. The resulting savings can be over $100 per solar panel, not to mention the money you save making your own solar panels over buying factory (or foreign) made ones.

The backing of the solar panel is another place where recycled materials will work as well as new. Building surplus outlets that carry used-but-good building materials sometimes have plywood seconds or used acrylic panels that will work just fine as a backing for your green solar panel.

With the rising cost of buying electricity from the power companies, it makes more sense than ever to look into generating some or all the electricity you need to power your home.

Understanding how solar panels and wind generators work is an important step in learning how to harness — recycle — sunlight and wind into electric power you can use. Using environmentally friendly green products is a sensible way to take green to a whole new level.
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Get Rid of Eye Strain With Wholesale Reading Glasses

If you are suffering from eye strain at the time of reading books or newspaper or you have to draw close your face to the book to read, then you must need a pair of reading glass. It will provide you comfort and you can see better and read more easily as well.

Glasses are generally used by large numbers of people. Sometime one may get confused and can not realize the fact because some people utilize contact lenses when they are going out. But the basic fact is that among three people, two wears glasses. Some people just wear it at the time of reading and other who uses contact lenses use them at home when they feel necessity to rest their eyes. In present day glasses are not limited to enhance one’s vision but also utilized as inevitable fashion accessory to transform one’s looks from ordinary to stunning. The grade of one’s vision is not the only condition for having a pair of glasses. A person can also decide to put on glasses as a style quotient.

To get a pair of reading glasses a person does not require visiting to the eye specialist. They’re available in any local drug or department store. But wholesale reading glasses are the most practical choice as they are cheaper that the other. There is also an immense variety to choose from than purchasing in local retail outlets.

Wholesale reading glasses have a huge collection to choose from. They present all types of glasses from an array of reputed manufacturers and brands. The various types of glasses offered include rimless, bifocal, sun readers, folding no lines and full and semi frames glasses. Except these, there are special glasses available for the correction of near and far sighted vision. These two are extremely different and requires totally different glasses. All these glasses in several design, types as well as colors are easily obtainable in wholesale reading glasses.

For a consumer it is more suitable to buy from online wholesale than making purchase from any retail outlet as each and every specification he actually needs can be easily obtainable in any wholesale. The most unique feature is that they put on for sale all these things in their store and are sold at a comparatively cheap price.

Green House Or Sun Shed

Are you in need of a greenhouse but you are unable to decide if it should be a lean-to or a free standing structure?

Have you considered a combination of a shed merged with a greenhouse?

Just picture bringing these two concepts together which would give you a greenhouse needed for your plants and the storage area necessary for your garden tools. Not so complicated now…

Knowing what wall you have available for the lean-to will help you to come to a decision. If the available wall or the surroundings around the wall do not make it suitable for a lean-to greenhouse then it will need to be a free standing greenhouse.

You have selected your site have met zoning requirements and also pulled necessary building permits and your greenhouse plans have been approved. Now, you can get started on the fun part of utilizing your woodworking skills.

You will want a slanted roof because of the glass windows that you will be using for the roof of the greenhouse or sun shed and the other half of the roof made with wood and covered with your choice of roofing material identical to the main house.

People like to have the wood section of the shed to be the same as the main house so that the sun shed appears to be an extension of the house and the architectural design matches.

Pressure treated lumber is a necessity because of the moisture which will be created in the greenhouse. However, that part of the structure that will not be affected can be made with the same wood as your house in order to have uniformity.

The planting tables inside the structure will be placed under the glass portion to receive the sun and their watering. The glass will catch the rays of the sun and the water will increase moisture and humidity requiring roof outlets or vents to relieve heat and water vapor.

The foundation is important in that you do not want the floor to get wet under the plants causing wood rot. This is the reason for plant tables and gravel as part of the foundation. Place plywood or treated decking in the shed portion which will be needed to support a working counter, work bench, shelves, garden tools and storage containers.

After you have completed all that you wanted in the greenhouse or sun shed, look at the immediate surroundings.

Imagine what it would be like to install a small pond and outdoor furniture placed between the pond and the greenhouse to relax and enjoy the beauty of the flowers in the greenhouse as well as the pond with its relaxing waterfall and the other outdoor flowers surrounding a bit of paradise that you created.

Stained Glass Window Panels – What You Should Know

If you want to dramatically alter the look of a room, or the impression of a house, consider stained glass window panels.

Stained glass panels come in 3 basic types- lead channel, foil, and faux. Faux window panels are usually painted glass with fake foiling, giving the impression of stained glass without the expense. These are designed to be hung inside an existing window, where they are protected from the elements.

Lead channel window panels are the original form of stained glass. Working and soldering the channel is labor intensive and the designs tend to be simpler executions because of the weight and labor involved.
Foiled panels are able to use much smaller pieces and can even use 3D techniques, with flowers or birds lifting from the purely vertical, into the room they occupy. The glass pieces are cut, ground smooth, the edges encased in copper foil, the pieces are fitted together, and after a flux solution is applied so it will adhere, solder is melted over the foils and joins the pieces of glass together.

Because the pieces of glass used are smaller, more intricate detailing can be made. This also makes the stained glass window panel stronger. In fact, many cities will allow the use of foiled panels in doors and sidelights without the need for safety glass.

As stained glass panels have gained in popularity, so has the ease with which you can acquire them, with several dozen designs being mass produced and available through home improvement outlets or interior design stores. There are hundreds of designs available to be made by artisans working in the stained glass field. And, depending on your budget; they can make a window panel of practically anything you wish. If it can be drawn, they can build it.

Color, texture and opacity are also aspects of your design to consider. Glass can have colors as clear as Jello, or swirls, or only register a change in brightness, but not what’s beyond the glass. It can be poured into molds so one side looks like pebbles or bubbles. It can have a metallic or crystalline sheen.

Shape can also be part of your window panel design- rectangular, arched, polyhedral, trapezoid, parallelogram; whatever the shape of your window, the window panel can be designed to fill it. [You could even have one shaped like a Christmas tree, but your builder would probably have a fit.]

Once you have found the design you want, within your budget; make sure (if you have not already done so) you see examples of similar work. Ask for references and check with them on quality and timeliness.

While your stained glass window panel is being crafted, (again, if not done before) find an installer that is qualified to work with this type of glass.

Wholesale Reading Glasses

Wholesale reading glasses are cheaper and a more practical choice. There is also a wide variety to choose from than buying in retail outlets. Glasses are not just meant to enhance one’s vision these days; they are use as fashion accessory and a fashion statement. So the grade of your eyesight is not the only requirement for your glasses, one much also choose their glasses that most suit them and compliment the shape of their face.

Wholesale reading glasses have collections to choose from. They carry all types of glasses in all types of brands. They are many types of glasses, there is the bifocal, no lines, sun readers, semi frames, full frames, rimless and the folding glasses. They carry all these in their store and are sold at a much lower price than when you buy the same type in a retail outlet. Glasses are used by lots of people, though you may not realized it because most people use contact lenses when they are out, but it is a fact that two out of three people wears glasses. Some just wear it at home when they need to rest their eyes from the contact lenses and some just wear it when they are reading.

There are glasses for the farsighted and the nearsighted. These two are very different and needs different glasses. And the reading glasses, usually worn by oldies are also different from the two. All these in different color and design are available in wholesale reading glasses. It is much more convenient than buying n a retail outlet as everything you need is all here. And the best thing is, they sell their glasses at a much cheaper price.

When buying wholesale reading glasses, be sure to try it on first before purchasing. Try and feel the way it frames your face and how it feels like when you are wearing it. Go for the lightweight glasses as to not burden you face with the weight, it may not bother you wearing heavy glasses for a few minutes but it will surely bother you when you are wearing it for at least 12 hours every day.

Ask for suggestions and bring a friend with you. Ask your friend for opinions on what glasses fit you perfectly. But whatever your choice may be, it is best to buy your glasses from wholesale reading glasses outlet.

Candis Reade is an accomplished niche website developer and author.


The Importance of a Nice Piece of Auto Glass

Having a cracked or shattered windshield or window can be one of the most frustrating things about owning a car. And yet, there’s no way of avoiding the plethora of forces conspiring against that glass: the rocks, tiny as they may be, will always find their way up off the road and into your windshield, creating those lovely little star-cracks that so many cars are afflicted with.

Luckily, professional auto glass repair shops can deal with virtually any problem you can imagine encountering when it comes to fixing glass. And fixing even the tiniest crack or chip in your windshield is the easiest way to save you money down the line, as the slightest neglected blemish can grow over time and spread into a much bigger problem that could even require a complete removal and reinstallation of the glass. You certainly don’t want that headache, and you don’t want those pesky chips and dings to be there every time you sit down behind the wheel of your car and stare out at the road ahead, reminding you of a nagging imperfection.

Of course, imperfections in your auto glass may not only come in the form of scratches, chips, and cracks, but simply in the make up of the window or windshield itself. In a world where we move around constantly aware of the harm of the sun, and take all necessary precautions to protect ourselves from ultraviolet rays, having clear, untreated windows on your car can be a health risk you don’t need to be toying with. Tinting the windows of your car can help cut down on the amount of ultraviolet light that streams into your car, doing you and your passengers a favor anytime you drive around on a sunny day for any length of time. Of course, for safety reasons, there are specific laws on the intensity of the tint that can be applied to each window, and these are things your local auto glass repair shop will have knowledge of and adhere to, allowing you to protect your car and yourself without doing anything illegal.

It is also vitally important that a reputable glass repair outlet is where you go to get any work done on your car, as you don’t want to gamble by using second-rate materials and or repairmen on something as important as your windshield. Though you wouldn’t think about it at first, the windshield of your car isn’t just a piece of glass that stops water, debris, and other impediments from whirling into the face of the driver, rather it can be a vital safety measure in the unfortunate event of an accident. In the event of a crash which sends the front seat passengers forward, the windshield can be the last measure of resistance from being hurled from the vehicle. And this is why you can’t afford to have your auto glass [] replacement by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. An inordinate amount of injuries and fatalities as a result of automobile accidents occur because the cracked glass of the driver’s windshield was not properly replaced by a professional to ensure adequate safety for the passengers.

Conservatory Outlet – For The Best In Conservatory Designs

Your garden area is the best place to get a conservatory outlet constructed. To get the maximum out of such a conservatory, you can put it into varied uses. Enjoying it to its hilt is possible only if you get the right kind of conservatory designed. A number of ideas can be considered for the spacious area. Conservatories provide a lot of breathing space, being nice and roomy. They take no time at all to become the most sought after place near the home. It is just a like another home in the outdoors of the main construction. There are a number of activities that can be conducted here.

Depending on your choice and budget, you can use materials like metal, glass or one of the most modern materials – UPVC. Using the best affordable material for constructing the conservatory is very essential, as it should last you for a long time and dare the weather. It is not feasible to keep incurring expenses every now and then, so make sure that the best of material is chosen at the onset. A conservatory is also known as a greenhouse in some regions, as it can be used for placing many potted plants. There are a number of plants that cannot withstand the direct, harsh rays of the sun and thrive better when protected in the conservatory.

Innovation makes the best use of these places. They are used to house animals as well as birds of rare species. It is one of the best venues to organize tea parties for family and friends, and a great place to celebrate togetherness. Again, depending on your preference you can consider different kinds of architectural styles for the conservatory. Choose from traditional, modern or Victorian styles than enhance the beauty of such a space. Getting geodesic domes constructed is also a good idea.

Comfortable living space is provided by the conservatory. When there are people invited to your home, the conservatory provides additional space to move around freely. Temperature within the conservatory outlet can be maintained with the help of sliding windows. Even on the windiest of days, you need not worry if you have planned the strength of the conservatory. Add personal touch and create one that becomes the envy of the neighborhood! Using cane furniture in the conservatory is a good idea, as you can keep moving the furniture around when ever you feel the need to do so, and create more space for conducting games, parties, etc.